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IKMAL’s 34th AGM

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The 34th AGM was held at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie commencing with Lunch from 12.00 noon onwards and the AGM proper at 2.00 pm on Saturday, 05th May 2018. A total of 53 Members attended the AGM – the largest number, thus far, at any IKMAL’s AGM. Most probably, this was due to there being vacancies and contests for the posts of President and Vice President.

Dato’ Abdul Jamil b. Murshid LM IK, the outgoing President, welcomed all present and presided over the session.

After elections were held and votes counted, the following were elected into the Council:

  1. President: Capt Zuradi b. Zainol Abidin LM IK;
  2. Vice President: Capt Mohd Noor b. Kassim LM IK;
  3. Honorary Secretary: Mr Lee Tong Hua LM IK;
  4. Honorary Treasurer: Capt Panichellvam s/o Ratnam LM IK;
  5. Incumbent Council Member: En Zainal b. Cheman LM IK;

Elected Council Members:

  1. En Ahmad Badri b. Alwi M IK;
  2. En Amirul Syafiq Arunatheym LM IK;
  3. Dr Yasmin bt Mohd Hasni M IK;
  4. Dr Md Redzuan b. Zoolfakar LM IK;

Capt Zuradi, the new President, indicated that IKMAL will pursue the objective of conducting more courses towards enhancing maritime professionalism, besides organising the usual customary activities.